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Book your Faro Modernist architecture guide tour

This is a 90mins walking tour in the city to discover the amazing modernist architecture heritage and treasures.

                                  From 25€ / person

Francesca is your guide ! She has a PHD in architecture

and she's passionate about history & photography.

+351 915544599

Insta : @frativ

Faro has one of the largest concentrations of modern architecture in South Europe. Visionary architects, most who graduated from the prestigious"Architecture School of Porto" (ESBA) came to the Algarve and brought their own spin on Bauhaus and the International Style, reworking it for the Algarve environment.

They were inspired by the Modernist mouvement led by architects like Le Corbusier, Niemeyer, Frank Lloyd Wright.

Faro counts today about 500 existing buildings. You will discover with this tour 2 styles of Faro Modern architecture: South Modern and Art Deco.

The walking tour is 1,5H and include :
-History of the Modernist architecture mouvement in the Algarve from the 50s till late 70s.
-Emblematic Modernist buildings of Faro, shapes, materials and details ( street views)
-Iconic gems of architects that built the city like Manuel Gomes Da Costa.

This is a very alternative, local, artsy way to discover the city.
We want to share and raise awareness of the exceptional
and unknown architectural Modernist heritage of Faro in Portugal !



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